Linda Long, Stylist

    The glamour of the profession intrigued linda and influenced her dream to become a hairstylist. Linda studied at Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia.  Linda started her career at Salon Bass as an assistant and has since been trained by the SB team.

    Linda is now ready to be the best hairstylist she can be taking the knowlage & skills learned in school and the visioin & experience at SB she is eager to have you in her chair!

Joe Marra, Owner and Stylist

    Joe been styling hair for 10 years. He has worked in New York, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Philadelphia. His passion for hair translates into his work. "Styling hair is an art form.  Like an artist uses a brush, I use a comb." Joe has taken his experience and knowledge to build a salon that he feels is both artistic and comfortable.

    Joe learned his technique from award-winning Douglas David, Founder of Schilling-Douglas, then continued his training at Tony & Guy, Bumble & Bumble, Davines, and other hair establishments. The style Joe has taken as his own is very organic  with a structured base. His inspiration to cut color and style hair is taken from images, people, flowers, shapes, photos, anywhere he can find beauty.

Garrett Olthuis, Stylist

    Garrett graduated with a degree in Ballet and Voice from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His eye for movement and fluidity is that of a dancer and carries into his technique of hair styling.  While pursuing his personal passion of dance, Garrett earned a degree in cosmetology from Jean Madeline Aveda Institute in Philadelphia.

    Garrett has worked at the Merriam Theatre and the Arts Bank of Philadelphia.  His work has also been featured on the Philadelphia dance company "Project Moshen".  Garrett’s unique experience brings a fresh eyes for hair color and design.

    At Salon Bass, we have created an artistic, fashionable, and comfortable environment. We believe a haircut is much more than taking scissors to your ends.  Experience, talent, and vision are used to work with you to create your individual look.

    All haircuts at Salon Bass cost $60 and under, but don't let the price fool you. Salon Bass features a team of highly skilled professionals trained in New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and Atlanta, who stay up-to-date with advanced training to give you the best services possible.

    Salon Bass is the ultimate environment for an artist to work.  Our stylists influence each other with their unique visions that come from all around...a cutting-edge hair style, live music on the street, a new trend in fashion, or inspiration from art.

Katie Casola, Stylist

    Katie has been styling hair for 6 years and has a huge pasion in beauty! She really enjoys all aspects of the hairstyling industry, styling hair has always been her dream, stating off at Jean Madaline Institute she began her carrer then she stated at toppers out of beauty school to open up her skills in the real world, now coming from bubbles salon and landing in salon bass katie has really blossomed into a truly amazing stylist!

Kayla, Stylist

    Watching her mother, grandmother, and aunts in the industry, Kayla knew she wanted to be a hairstylist from a very young age.  She began her education at the prestigious Artistic Academy and continued her extensive education and career in NYC, NJ, and Philadelphia to perfect her techniques. Kayla specializes in helping her clients express themselves through edgy styles or classic polished looks for any lifestyle.